NASA To Florida Health Companies: Spin Off Our Products

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Exactly the same technology delivering astronauts to space might be used here on the planet.

That’s the content from NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, that is contacting Florida healthcare companies and executives. Kennedy Space Center’s Mike Lester stated NASA has greater than 1,400 patents that companies can commercialize, including greater than 40 healthcare patents.

“Some in our technologies that people develop for space also provide applications for Earth,” Lester stated. “And sometimes individuals technologies are superior to what is incorporated in the marketplace. And thus we’re needed legally to supply individuals technologies to commercial business for his or her use.”

NASA estimates that within the last decade, spinoffs from the patented research have brought to 18,000 jobs and $5.1 billion in revenue. But NASA states there aren’t enough Florida companies involved with that, and it is contacting the non-public sector.

Lester stated people can start dealing with the technologies free of charge in some instances.

“Evaluation licenses, especially non-exclusive ones, are totally free,” Lester stated. “We allow you to go have fun with we’ve got the technology for any year, you cannot market it or sell it off, but you can look at it to find out if it’s truly commercially viable.

Check for a portal to look with the patents.